Who We Are?

Founded by professionals with many years of experience doing business in and related to Cyprus, former CIS, South Africa, Europe and Middle East, we share a common understanding of our clients’ needs.

WTS Cyprus was established in 2010 to service the needs of local and international clients as a ‘point of single contact’ through strategic liaison with our partners both in Cyprus and internationally.

Our key strength is our ability to, through our experience, understand our clients’ business. All the partners had significant exposure to a variety of markets and therefore view issues through more than one angle, resulting in focused and relevant advice. It is ultimately in our understanding of what our clients need or are aiming to achieve, that will allow us to deliver maximum value. Above all, we recognize that each client has differing needs; our deliverables always reflect the uniqueness of our clients’ businesses.

Today our clients’ key challenges are: financial reporting and delivering shareholder value; governance, security and risk, regulation and compliance; globalization; demographic challenge and industry consolidation.

We recognize the need to innovate constantly to respond to rapidly changing issues. Our deep industry skills combine with service line specialists to meet our clients’ needs. One of our main targets is to proactively and continuously exceed our clients’ expectations with a view of maximizing their competitive advantage in their industries. Collaboration between the various departments offering services to the same clients is close and on a daily basis which facilitates the early identification of needs and opportunities so as to maximize our contribution to our clients’ business.

We believe in delivering high quality services and the Directors retain the exclusivity in their related fields of expertise with strict emphasis on upholding of business ethics, professional standards and continuous professional development of our employees and business associates through training. WTS Cyprus is currently an Approved Employer by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. We uphold and promote our employees to specialize in their fields through their participation in local and international seminars.


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