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Culture and Leadership

Mutual appreciation and feedback

The principle of mutual appreciation shapes our corporate culture – appreciation for our customers as well as our colleagues.
We are a dynamic international tax network with partner firms in over 100 countries. Although we operate in very different cultures, we are united by our WTS spirit: a personal and appreciative corporate culture. Independent work and entrepreneurship are one of the keys to our success. We work flexibly and are quick to entrust our employees with responsibility.
We uphold the value of an open and trusting communication culture. Regular feedback plays an important role. We place great importance on open and equal exchange between employees and managers.

Inspirational leadership is our goal

We know that professional management is crucial for making our employees feel comfortable and helping them fully achieve their performance potential.

Our goal is to build inspirational leadership practice in our global network and develop our managers’ leadership and management skills.

Our managers act as role models and establish trust, motivate with aims and individually encourage employees. Appreciation, fair communication and constructive conflict management are essential.

Our Global Leadership Training

With our “Stepping up to global partnership” program we want to make our talents ready for leadership. As partners, a whole new set of leadership and business development skills will be needed. The course therefore sensitizes participants to the new demands and provides the foundations of the necessary skill base. Also the future leaders of our global network can connect with each other and discuss and develop a shared set of values.

The program focuses on leadership and change management, business strategy, building trust with clients and ethics, as well as exercises intended to promote team-building and to sensitize participants to group dynamics.

WTS Global Leadership Training 2018 at the world-famous campus of INSEAD in Fontainebleau

16 participants from 13 countries around the world were selected from the WTS Global talent pool for a 5 day training course on
leadership, business strategy, ethics, managing teams and change management.
The training was conducted in cooperation with the European Centre of Executive Development (CEDEP) where our CEO, Wim Wuyts, is Program Director.

WTS Global Leadership Training

In July 2017, our first international leadership training took place near Amsterdam. 16 high potentials from four continents and
14 jurisdictions came together to expand their personal leadership quality. The extensive training was carried out by three
different coaches with different focuses.

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